LoopPacks.com was created as a repository of custom made royalty free loops for people to use in their music, you tube videos, school projects, custom instrumentals, and mostly anything else you can think of. There are two of us that use loops in many of our own projects and want to share the Loop Packs.


If you dont have any audio software to mix the beats you can use a program like audacity to mix and loop the samples how ever you want. Its pretty simple to use. Just align the beats on beat. You can loop your samples by highlighting the clip you want to loop. Then at the top of the Audacity window choose "effect" then from the menu choose "repeat". Choose how many times you want it to repeat and then click ok. Add multiple layers for each sample. Try adding effects to create some really custom sounds.

Here is the Creative commons terms of use for the loops. Basically just mention LoopPacks.com in the credits somewhere. We created all of these loops for personal projects and wanted to share the loop packs through our new domain name here LoopPacks.com. We will be releasing new loop packs as often as we create them so come back weekly to see whats new. Let other people know about the site so we can make it grow and become something even better than it is! Thanks. Loop Packs.com