8 Bit Console sound pack consists of short 8 bit uniquely generated sounds. We chopped and trimmed each sound so it starts exactly as the sound starts and the sound will fully play out without any clipping. We used these sounds to make the loops in the 8 Bit loop packs.  
8 Bit Console 2 is the second in a set of four packs of the 8 Bit Console collection. Just add these sounds into a drum machine and apply them to a pattern for custom 8 bit loops. This is also part of the sounds we created to make the 8 Bit loop packs.
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Welcome to Loop Packs. The site was created to share loop packs to use in music, videos, school projects, games, Youtube or anything really. Just give us a shout out in the credits somewhere. The loops are seperated into packs. There may be a few titles that have multiple packs like Hip Hop Smash 1,2&3. Enjoy and check out the about page if you need software to mix the beats. We will be adding packs as often as we can make them. If you have any requests or suggestions, email us with the form on the contact page. We will get back to you.