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In The Works
Thicker Than a Snicker
New Gritty
Coming To Get U
Something Scary
Lets Play
Fully Focused
End Of The Night
This is the Premier collection of Hip Hop loops at 92 bpm. Recorded with top of the line studio hardware and software. The loops are professionally cut so that each sample is the same exact length for you to mix and loop them with perfection and ease. In this pack you will find the first 12 samples in the Hip Hop Smash title. They are separated into 3 sections to decrease download time. You can find the other 2 packs in the Smash title here. Loop Packs 2
This pack is jammed with hard hitting 140 bpm dubstep drums vox and drops.These dubstep loops were hand crafted with chopped up robot vox carefully matched to the 140 bpm dubstep beats. There are 25 loops for you to mix into your own Dubstep creation. We were aiming for a vox heavy dubstep sample pack. The price is free and the samples are crafted to loop perfectly so enjoy this release from Loop Packs .com
The 8 Bit Gamer collection is a fun chip tune like collection of comptuer generated sound organized into loops and packaged in that blue box. The beats are all chopped up perfectly to be looped together with the 8 Bit Gamer 1 and 2 packs. You can really get creative with this sound pack jammed with sounds like you may have never heard before. More 8 Bit Gamer Loops
This here is the Hip Hop 5 pack. We built 5 complete loops and broke them all the way down to each instrument and also inlcluded each of the mixes complete for your mixing projects. The loops are all cut exact so that they loop together with ease. Enjoy.
Hip Hop BoomBat is like the Hip Hop 5 Pack in the structure and breakdown of the beats for your mixing pleasure. Feel free to use the beats for any of your projects.
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  Welcome to Loop Packs. The site was created to share loop packs to use in music, videos, school projects, games, Youtube or anything really. Just give us a shout out in the credits somewhere. The loops are seperated into packs. There may be a few titles that have multiple packs like Hip Hop Smash 1,2&3. Enjoy and check out the about page if you need software to mix the beats. We will be adding packs as often as we can make them. If you have any requests or suggestions, email us with the form on the contact page. We will get back to you.